E-book :


E-book is the digital book. Books printed on papers are difficult to carry everywhere and are costly. Old books are rare and not available. Even a book published in a country is not easily available in other counties. Normally publishers don’t publish books on the subjects, which have a very limited reader market. To say, there are many problems with printed books along with its all benefits.

So to solve all the above problems of printed books it has a solution as E-BOOK.
E-BOOK is digitally typed book and it can be read on computer. It can be either read online or offline. It can be sent anywhere in this world by emails so it doesn’t have a problem to be published in a country and not being available in other countries. An E-BOOK can be published for even a very little reader market as it has not a big publishing cost compare to printed books.

AUPS MULTIMEDIA provides all the services for publishing E-Books. We make E-BOOK, make web site to publish it online and provide all the necessary services to sell it online also. We suggest you to contact us for publishing your e book. In a country like India E-BOOK can be a chief solution for distribution of books and publishing your books and making the world aware of your writings. So don’t sit silent having your ideas and plots in mind to write a book and worrying about being your book not published. You will get more benefits by writing E-BOOK rather than not writing it at all just because you feel that you are not able to find a suitable print publisher. AUPS MULTIMEDIA will solve all your printing and publishing problems and will guide you how to be a famous and big writer, no matter you write on what subjects. No matter you are a fiction writer or a serious journal writer, a poet or a novelist, AUPS MULTIMEDIA can help you. So start writing and contact us for your rest publishing problems to be solved. Write us emails if you are outside India or if you are in India you can meets us or call us our offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Patna.

We make e books which content can’t be copied. The book will be readable only; its written text can’t be saved anyway so that your copy written book will not be misused by anyone.