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AUPS MULTIMEDIA, having headquarter in Mumbai, India with branch offices in New Delhi and Patna is a company with the commitment for delivering only quality works. The young and energetic team is having the expertise of delivering more than 350 projects of National and Multinational companies. We have executed and delivered different types of project like Corporate films, TV Advertisement, Documentary, Multimedia presentations, Web sites, Cultural and Training Softwares etc.

If you think your work is important and valuable, if you think your company is serious about its working, if you think your goodwill should be created wisely, if you think your product should be advertised properly….then .. Certainly we can be the right choice for you to work with.

We have extensive experience in our working in corporate films, multimedia and web sites. We have taken the projects with responsibility and have delivered them with due care and sensitivity. We conceptualize entire project from start to end and implement it with an eye for detail and love for the work. We have a passionate approach towards our projects. We select those team members to work on any specific project, who are having similar interests and are familiar with the specific subject of the project.

AUPS MULTIMEDIA understands the value of money so we deliver high quality works at the competitive and resonable price.